Criminal Defense Investigations

A Criminal Defense Investigator fulfills one of the most vital roles in a criminal defense team. Defense Investigators' help to uncover the truth and establish reasonable doubt on behalf of the accused. Below is a list of the types of investigative services offered to defend those charged with a crime:

1. Discovery review and analysis
2. Evidence preservation, inspection, analysis and storage
3. Witness background check and credibility assessments
4. Defense theory development
5. Witness interviews and preparation
6. Crime scene & Evidence Inspection
7. Identifying possible suppression issues
7. Jury Selection
8. Trial Preparation

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Unique to D. Michael & Associates Inc., is how we analyze each case. Cases are broken down into critical elements that aid in developing a deeper understanding about all the facts known and unknown in a case. 

1. Cast of Characters Development - Identifying everyone involved in the case and their role in the case

2. Facts Chronology Development - Inspecting every page in the discovery to develop a detailed timeline

3. Issue Outline - Linking different facts to unique elements within the case to aid in the defense strategy

4. Document Index - Developing a document inventory to ensure all discovery has been disclosed

Click below for an example of our Comprehensive Case Analysis.

Case Analysis