Why Trust Us

Nothing is more powerful than having an impartial advocate on your team. At D. Michael & Associates Inc., it is that very philosophy that we embrace to fight for our clients' rights provided under the Constitution of the United States.

We've found many investigations to be deficient. Often times, witnesses are never interviewed, evidence is not properly preserved, or leads are never followed up on. In some instances, we have even uncovered facts intentionally concealed and evidence purposely lost. However, our talent, knowledge and insight enables us to know that most cases have a lost element of defense. We don't only understand what is present, but what is missing, and it is in this pursuit we've found great success.

At the core, our work ethic is simple: a course of action driven by purpose and measurable outcomes. We work by initiative, instinct, and strict client confidentiality. Our commitments to every case are:

1. Supporting client confidentiality and attorney-client privilege;
2. Assisting in the development of litigation strategies;
3. Analyzing errors, omissions, and misconduct;
4. Identifying overlooked evidence;
5. Uncovering concealed evidence;
6. Maintaining an effective & efficient flow of communication.

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