Damian M. Jarrett

Mr. Jarrett, a former Gang & Narcotics Detective, is a successful entrepreneur, consultant and skilled investigator. Since opening D. Michael & Associates Inc., he has personally handled over 2,800 cases in both criminal defense and civil litigation. His intuitive and gifted investigative skill set has led him to a solid reputation among the legal community in Arizona.

Prior to him opening his detective agency, he had an exclusive career in law enforcement, as a Detective, and in the United States Marine Corps, as a Marine Sergeant. As a Police Officer, he maintained an exemplary level of professionalism, ethics and dedication to his community and service to others. As a result, he was promoted to a detective role only having served over a year on the police department illustrating his true gifts of investigative work. As a Marine, he was a sought after leader, often times assigned leadership position several ranks above his own, and was a Candidate for Marine Corps Warrant Officer School. 

Private Detective

As a Criminal Defense Investigator, he is well-versed in capital cases, complex designated cases, serious felony cases, and misdemeanor cases. He has been instrumental in saving clients from serving hundreds of years in prison through the reduction and dismissal of criminal charges.

As a Civil Litigation Investigator, he has worked with Fortune 500 companies, large and small law firms, and private parties. Mr. Jarrett has been successful in unraveling frivolous lawsuits, illegitimate workman comp claims, employee theft and contentious divorce cases.