Criminal Case Study

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Plea Bargaining and Sentencing are vital aspects in every criminal case. In many cases, it is another opportunity for a defense attorney to advocate for their client. During these processes, there are critical factors that come into play:

1. The severity and motive of the crime or crimes
2. The defendant’s criminal history
3. Mandatory minimums
4. The purpose of the sentence

At D. Michael & Associates Inc., we provide the defense attorney with information to increase their ability to negotiate for their client during this process. Our goal is to ensure that each defendant is treated fairly and that the outcomes are consistent and balanced.

We achieve this through our unique Sentencing Study. Our study analyzes the information pertinent to the defendant’s case, and compares it with previously adjudicated cases that have similar facts. Through this process, we can pinpoint the factors that led to the outcome of that case, and that information becomes invaluable in the negotiating process for the client.

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